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Five Questions to Ask When Shopping
for a Medical Wellness Centre

FEB 25, 2018
Searching for a medical wellness centre can be exhausting especially when we are looking for the right one that will produce your desired result. Who doesn't love a good wellness centre or a
weight loss clinic? There are numerous centres to carter for over 70% of American Adults who are trying to be fit and trim. But are these clinics really right for us? So, here are five questions to ask before we pick a medical wellness centre to achieve our weight loss or vitality goals.

1. What type of training or qualifications do staff members have?
First things first, it is always good to know or check the competence of the staff who you are entrust the duty to guide you on your journey to being fit and trim. You must know if the medical wellness centre or weight loss clinic has certified health care professionals and trained staff. You should know if the professionals are licensed and if a doctor or any other health care professional oversee the program? These are questions you sure want answers to before you embark on your life changing journey.

2. What does the program cover?
Beyond the juicy promises of weight loss and beyond the glamorous pictures of before and after weight loss, what does the program really cover. A good program would include a weight loss diet or a guide on eating habits. The program should tell if you are to follow a specific meal plan or should suggest healthy meals options that you can stick to. Additionally, counseling is very important in the medical wellness field, so a good program should also offer counseling to assist in achieving your goal in weight loss.

3. Does the program pose a risk to my health?
Are there any dangers in the program that the participant's health will be affected. You should ask about how the program intends finding a balance between your current medical condition( if any). Also check out the willingness of the program staff to work with your health care professional to safeguard and manage your health. Ensure you also find out about follow up visits or routine check-ups to monitor your health.

4. What is the cost implication of the program?
You should know what the cost of the program include, such as, membership fees, weekly visits, supplements, medical tests, counseling sessions, follow-up visits and follow-up programs to maintain the weight loss

5. What results am I most likely to achieve in the program?
We all know a good weight loss program goes beyond weight loss, it is a change in lifestyle. You should know how much weight the average patient lose and how an average patient can effectively manage his/her weight. You should also have a set goal for your BMI and a target to achieve as your average weight loss.

Shopping for medical wellness centre or a weight loss clinic can be an exhausting, but having these five questions in mind can guide us in selecting the right medical wellness centre for our weight loss and vitality needs.

& Wine Health Benefits
FEB 18, 2018
While February 18 is observed annually as #NationalDrinkWineDay, it would be a shame to celebrate only one day a year. Perhaps this day is just a reminder to drink wine.

Now, a proper glass of wine is a 5-ounce pour. And when we say "moderate drinking", that means what is clinically considered to be healthy.

Now that we got that straightened out, let's get to the fun part. Pour yourself a glass, and take a look at the ten ways wine benefits your health.

1. It Contains Antioxidants.
2. It Boosts The Immune System.
3. It Increases Bone Density.
4. It Reduces The Risk Of Stroke.
5. It Reduces The Risk Of Heart Disease.
6. It Can Lower Cholesterol.
7. It Reduces The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes.
8. It Reduces The Risk Of Cancer.
9. It Improves Cognitive Function.
10. It Promotes Longevity.
Heartbreaking -
Fit and Trim Griefs with Stoneman's Victims

FEB 15, 2018
With heavy hearts Fit and Trim Medical unites in grief with #parkland victims. Let's be the change our world needs - and let's pray for those innocent souls and their families. #MoreKindness #MoreLove #GunControl #NoMoreViolence #MakeItStop #PrayForParkland #StonemanShooting #Love

FT Medical Serving
Up A B12 Lipotropic Injection
JAN 5, 2017
Everybody has one thing in common and that is we all want to be fit and trim. One thing which can make us achieve this, is a B12 Lipotropic injection, it is safe, effective and is as natural as natural could be in motivating weight loss and boosting our energy levels. Of course, this injection must be used in conjunction with FT's programs. That's not all, to have the best results there must be a change in lifestyle. Those who do not have time for exercise will sooner or later find time for illness. Hence FT's firm believe in combining the B12 Lipotropic injection with exercise and a healthy diet. Nothing works better than making a healthy living a lifestyle when trying to remain fit and trim.
Do you know, that a Lipotropic injection is an essential to maintain a healthy liver and a healthy liver in turn produces bile- a substance needed to digest fats. It is also responsible for removing toxins and fats from the body. If you are itching to know more about the B12 Lipotropic injection, be assured you are in the right place. A Lipotropic injection, reduces the deposit of fat in our bodies and speeds up the removal of fats in our system. LIPO - FAT and TROPIC-STIMULATE.
If this sounds appealing to you, act now by walking into our office for a B12 Lipotropic Injection. Of course, this is after a holistic examination of your desired goals. Can't wait to see you.
Looking For A
Medical Wellness Clinic Near You?
JAN 11, 2017
The holidays have come and gone. I am pretty sure we all took a vacation from our regimented lifestyles just to have a little fun and feel relaxed. Now, we are back to our regime and what's foremost in our minds is how to become fit and trim. There are a thousand and one medical wellness centres to make you achieve this, but we have just one
reason for you to visit our centre- we are not just a weight loss centre, we are a lifestyle changer. And that's enough for you.
- Why puke after eating to keep fit?
- Why stool frequently after eating to remain trim?
- Why not have a permanent change in lifestyle to keep you fit at
all times?
Our services are customized for each client's specific needs. Why not call us today or try out medical wellness center to optimize your goals and give you a most desirable result on becoming fit and trim. For more on FT Medical click here
Because we care…
We want you to know
JAN 20, 2017
FT Medical is not just another weight loss program, this is a change in lifestyle program to keep you trim and fit at all times. If you are certainly tired of looking for the best weight loss centre, then look no more as fit and trim would give you the best option of a change in lifestyle.
FT has an enormous host of formulations that helps your body infuse the organic compound that it desperately needs.
- Take advantage of our FT Express today to maximize your health, vitality and be rejuvenated.
- Take advantage of our Trim-Me injections to burn fat, increase energy, lower visceral fat and weight loss.
- Take advantage of our Vitality injections to infuse your body with enough nutrients to gain instant energy.
- Take advantage of every sector of our services such as injections, lab testing, food sensitivity tests, medical visits and lots more and optimize your results of vitality, wellness and weight loss.
Visit us today to take this ultimate advantage.
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