Think about the best years you've had. In most cases, the best parts of life were the moments you were your healthiest, and most active. At Fit and Trim Medical we not only want you to understand that it is possible to maintain a healthy life you can truly enjoy, but also understand that obesity and sickness can be optional. We'll provide you with alternative and functional medicine that will allow you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

At Fit and Trim we understand that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is sometimes easier said than done. Our busy day-to-day takes us to bad habits that are hard to let go. Because of those bad habits we start forgetting how good it felt being the best version of ourselves. Fit and Trim's people will work with you to help you seek that version of yourself you've been longing for. We'll give you the tools to help you reach and maintain your health goals.

An important characteristic about Fit and Trim Medical is our openness towards our patients specific needs. At Fit and Trim Medical we understand that everybody is different and consequently we all have different needs. We are proud to say we take the time to find the best way we can help you reach your goals. So don't hesitate to make contact with Fit and Trim Medical – you never know, it might end up as the best decision you've made in a long time.

ALEX - Our now Clinical Director, started at Fit and Trim Medical as our patient, losing about 80 lbs following our program.
DR. HIDALGO - FT's Medical Director, has worked as a Medical Advisor for Dominican Republic Former President Leonel Fernandez
RICK - Our Founder and Program Manager has been licensed to provide a medical platform since age 25. Additionally, Rick is ACHA and KION credentialed.
MARIA - FT's Program Therapist, struggled with her weight at a young age. Now, uses her experience and knowledge to connect with patients and help them reach their goals, like she did.
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