This is why we LOVE what we do - Jessica Chano, one of our amazing patients just reached her very first wellness and weight loss goal this past Saturday - DOWN 50 Pounds. With tears of happiness in her eyes she realized that it was possible and that all her effort was worth it. Her Program Manager @mariafitandtrim, Fit and Trim's CEO & Founder @rickallday.ft and the whole FT Family is more than proud and happy to be part of this amazing transformation.
Rick Mejia, Jessica Chano & Maria Acuna
Jessica's Testimonial after reaching her 50lbs weight loss goal
Our Patients Love Us
A true family bond starts by giving the best example to our children.Building a healthy foundation is our #1 priority. We always love having Dana and little princess Agata
Dana Kuffner
Twitter Testimonial
Fit and Trim Medical is a wonderful wellness clinic.
They provide top quality assistance for your lifestyle.
It's not a diet it's a lifestyle change for life.
It really works to make you aware of what you need to be doing to have a successful lifestyle change.
Facebook Testimonial
My weekly visits are pleasant due to the amazing staff this office has, I'm SO HAPPY! to have given Fit and Trim Medical a chance to help me regain my self-esteem and self confidence that came with shedding those pounds and fitting into my clothes after 3 years with no pain or starvation.
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